Any modules ready for NB-IoT NTN (satellite) support yet?


Are there any NB-IoT modules with NTN (i.e. satellite) support yet? Looking for bands n255 and n256.

I see Sony Altair ALT1250 chipset refers to HL7800 and HL7802 for this but I would like to understand if these have the firmware that supports NTN already?

If yes, which evaluation/development kit should I get for this? Is there a special kit for NTN that is different from the regular HL7800/HL7802 kits due to possible different antenna requirements?

Thank you.

Hi @ertan.metin,

According to the first question, are you looking for a module that supports NB-IOT, LPWA network?

If yes, Sierra has HL78xx module that supports NB-IOT and GNSS. You can use the HL78xx development kit for testing the HL78xx module. You should note that GNSS can only be used when the module is not actively connected on LTE/GSM because the GNSS receiver and LTE/GSM receiver share the same RF resources.


Hi @jerdung,

according to the terms used the question seems to be for devices supporting NTN & Satellite in Rel-17 & 18.


Thanks @rspmn . That’s exactly what I mean. Looking for NTN modules if they are already available.