Looking for a packaged HL7800 solution for an EMEA LTE Cat-NB1 application

I was directed to the HL7800 as a solution for an NB-IoT (LTE Cat-NB1) transceiver in the EMEA market. I was not able to find a packaged solution like the FX30LTE. Is there anything available like this?

did you try the HL7800 package here?


You need to check +KSRAT for NBIOT support

I’m looking for a product that has a physical enclosure with the HL7800 within, not all things SW and FW. The reply missed the mark by a mile. Is there a vendor who productized the HL7800 into an end user package similar to the FX30?

Have you contacted distributor?
They might give you some advice

I searched the Sierra partner and distributor pools and the closest product I found was the “CellCracker” from GotRad. It’s really an evaluation platform for the HL7800-M not a finished product. I assume the -M device can down-shift to the NB-IoT speed.

Some background…

I was directed to the HL7800 device as I needed to operate in the EMEA Region having the following available networks:
4G: Active
4G Bands: B3 (1800 MHz), B7 (2600 MHz)
IoT: Active
IoT Technology: NB-IoT (LTE Cat-NB1)

Because my anticipated data volume is quite small (kilobytes) the NB-IoT looked attractive because:
It extended my coverage by “10x”
And offered what I think will be an easier way to pass data (“Internet of Things”)

BUT… I must get a prototype working in three months and field 100-systems for validation in six months. So, there’s no time for tomfoolery here. Should I just use the FX30 and deal with the smaller coverage window. Price and power are not huge factors here.

Could I use the FX30 with an IoT Expansion Card?
If so, do I have to roll my own expansion card? If so, that’s not my solution.

Hl7800 needs MCU outside to control, if you don’t have a MCU now, probably you need to see if fx30 can get the sensor data you want

What data are you getting?
Have you seen any expansion card is suitabel for your use case?
Did you contact distributor to get advice on this?