Need Help on HL-7800

For an IOT product we have choosen HL7800,& later we would like to replace with HL7802.we gone through all the pdf documents available for this module.but we are last in getting a clear understanding in following points.

  1. we are planning to use Embedded sim feature. what is the ordering part number .what is the difference between HL7800 & HL7800-M.

  2. if we choose Embedded sim, can we remove the external SIM slot? or can we use external Sim along with embedded sim, just in case if in some areas no coverage of particular network operator?
    3.what are the minimum IO lines or pins which are required to hook up to the external MCU like, UART1 RX& TX pins, Wakeup,PowerON/OFF,Reset like that, what is the minimal configuration. …we dont need any GPIO/or voice support/ADC

  3. we need to use GPS also. what are the IOs we need to connect to hos MCU?

  4. can we power Vbat & Vbat_PA directly to a LiPo battery pack of 300maH, with our regulator circuits /booster circuits?

  5. our enclosure is so small ,such that we cant use any PCB antenna,or External Felexible PCb antennas… we would like to go with Chip antenna, help is find any chip antenna which works with HL7800 , wide band. also with GPS feature on antenna,so i need to connect GPS as well as LTE to same chip antenna. just in case if such antennas not available, atleast suggest us seperate chip antennas for LTE & GPS. …also provide any schematics or documents to understand the schematics from module & antenna placing instructions…i feel like this information is missing in documents provided

we are in finalization stage of component selection for a big project,so any support from the company will be appreciated.Thank you

with regards
Dr.N.Chandra sekhar,Phd

Hi Chandra sekhar,

For point 1:
You need to contact to Sierra Wireless support as below link to get part number for embedded sim feature
For embedded sim feature, it has no difference between HL7800 & HL7800-M. The HL7800-M is available on CAT-M1 network only (not supported on NB1 network).

For point 2:
You can remove the external SIM slot with AT+KSIMSEL=9 command (Select internal SIM if present. The presence of an external SIM will be ignored) or AT+KSIMSEL=20 command (Select external SIM if present, else select internal SIM (default value if embedded SIM is present)).
Please refer to +KSIMSEL command (SIM selection) user guide for more details.

For point 3,4,5:
The AirPrime HL7800 and HL7800-M modules belong to the Common Flexible Form Factor
(CF3) family of modules.
Please refer to Pad Definition in AirPrime - HL7800 and HL7800-M - Product Technical Specification - Rev7.pdf document for more details.

Hi Donald
Thanks for your reply.
1.Does all HL7800 modules comes with internal Embedded sim? it datasheet,it says optional…so confused

2.i gone though the product hardware specs rev7.but few doubts uncleared.
a. what are the best small size antennas which can be used in small enclosure areas?
b. can HL7800 can be powered directly through a Lipo battery with our any regulators in the middle

3.right now RX, TX,Wakeup, Reset,Power on, these are the pins i am hooking up to MCU. Is there any necessity of other pins to connect to MCU.

Thank you

Hi Chandra sekhar,

  1. No, it doesn’t. Please check SKU to know which HL7800 module has supported internal embedded SIM device.
    You need to contact to Sierra Wireless support as below link to get SKU for internal embedded SIM device

  2. If you need schematics or documents to understand the schematics from module & antenna placing instructions.
    Please contact your reseller or distributor directly for technical support.
    To contact Sierra Wireless Sales by phone, call 1-877-687-7795. Monday - Friday, 6am - 6pm Pacific Standard Time or website.

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Hi, for antenna you can refer to this document: