HL7802 NB-IOT LTE cat NB1


Is there any one who can confirm if there is SMS functionality over NBIOT working in INDIA?


Hi hina.rathod,

The SMS functionality has supported over NB-IOT LTE cat NB1 on HL7802.
I can send SMS over NB-IOT LTE cat NB1 on HL7802 with simulator network Amarisoft.
You can try to check it with network in INDIA.

Hi Donald,

Thanks for replying.

Does you have any idea about which service providers providing NB-IOT network.How i can check that NB-IOT network is available in my area or not?


Hi @hina.rathod

You can configure module to NB-IOT with these AT commands as below:

AT+KBNDCFG=1,<bnd bitmap>   ( Band bitmap in hexadecimal format without the 0x prefix. )
AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”APN operation network”

+COPS: 0,0,“operator”,9 (9: E-UTRAN (NB-S1 mode) )

Please refer to AirPrime - HL78xx - AT Commands Interface Guide revision 11 for more details.


Just to be clear, SMS does not exist in NB IoT, it is NIDD (Non IP Data Delivery) which relies on an API based interface to the network rather than sending a message to a phone number as SMS does. NIDD has not really been implemented anywhere in the networks yet (as far as I am aware).

If the HL7802 is powered and attached to a 2G network then, yes, it supports SMS in the same way as any other modem would do.