HL7800 and HL7802 NBIoT/LTEcat M1 SMS service


is there any user that can confirm if there is SMS functionality over NBIoT or LTECaTM1 in any country ?

To our knowledge in Europe there is no clear roadmap for a messaging service over NBIoT.

We can only confirm that LTECatM1 AAT&T in USA supports SMS.



NB1 specifically does not support SMS. It, in theory, does support something called NIDD (Non IP Data Delivery) which relies on a block in the network called an SCEF (acronym slips my mind right now) but to date no one has implemented this so in effect NB1 only supports IP data right now.



Hello Matt,

thanks for the prompt reply.
We know Vodafone is thinking of implementing it on NB1 since many have asked for it.
They had something they called Vodafone NB-IoT Messaging Service and works with UDP but it is not implemented yet. They said they think about coaps as a means over UDP.

The HL7800 has commands and over LTECaTM1 they work.

So up to now no messaging at all. I wonder how they think this massive IoT plan they have will work with alarming and simple applications.