SL8082T 7.52.2.A5 FW update fails - Card Detect Service

I’m trying to upgrade my SL8082T to 7.52.2.A5 (OpenAT version) using R7.52.2.A5.201411281219.SL808x.exe on Windows 10.

The problem is BinUpdater is failing with response code 5 after running CSwiCardDetectObserver. The error is:

<> System Error - Card Detect Service
fails to initialize carddetect service even after running carddetect msi

I’ve attached the debug log from BinUpdater. My environment is:

Windows Edition: Windows 10 Professional 64 bit
Java Version: JRE 1.8.0_60-b27 32 bit
SL8 Driver Version: 11.5.1005.5

Has anyone come across this before? How can I resolve this issue?

BinUpdater.log (11.3 KB)

If you have any other exe FW file, try to extract the bin updator from that and try to update FW via this updator :wink:

Also try with some other Windows machine…


I have the same error with two different firmware files:

  • R7.52.0.201404040850.SL808x.exe
  • R7.52.2.A5.201411281219.SL808x exe.exe

Those two firmware utilities both work fine on the same PC when running Windows 7.

So it looks like the BinUpdater utility might not work on Windows 10.