SL8080T firmware upgrade



I recently received the beta version of the SL8080T module for testing and I’ve run into some issues getting the latest firmware installed.

The modules I’ve received have OpenAT B7.50.0.201205311518 and Bootloader S2_1_0_10BT R1220 CARMD-EN-10527. I’m trying to update them to the latest version.

The normal procedure of updating the boot loader first then updating the main code doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions


Dear Timr,

Current firmware version of the SL8080T you have, looks to be based on a Beta firmware version (B7.50.0…). Yo have probably received an early unit for which there is possibly not a nominal usage of it, even for the ability to re-download the firmware.

Until the product get its official firmware, i would suggest that you be in touch with your local Sierra Wireless technical contact to review and manage the situation which may require undocumented manipulation.