Firmware update attempt for SL8080T

I have been using the SL8080T on the Sierra Wireless SL series development board. Attempts to make an HTTP connection were working, but buggy. The firmware version was 7.50xxx, so I wanted to update the firmware to 7.52xxx. The updates were found on the “Firmware package 7.52” page. I downloaded “Clear Terminal” version and followed the instructions. My attempt to load “SIERRA_OAT_FW_752_68_FULL_sl808x.dwl” started (using Xmodem), but didn’t complete as described in other posts.

The bootloader “SIERRA_BOOT_S4.1.0.13_SL808x.dwl” seemed like it might need an update, so I sent it using the Xmodem on Clear Terminal. Now the SL8080T is in a state where I can’t use it properly. Commands are no longer echoed, only OK responses are sent. It won’t respond properly to AD+WDWL (it just replies OK). ATI3 gives the following:

Sierra Wireless, Incorporated

All other commands just result in OK responses, so I can’t use the module and I don’t know how to make it operational again. Any help would be much appreciated.

This problem was solved with help from the rep using an updater over USB to get to to V7.52.0xxx.