Correct firmware DWL for SL8080T

I have FW version 7.50 for my SL8080T modules and they’re very buggy when it comes to setting up a UDP connection. I have everything set up for a firmware update but when I look at the Sierra Wireless developer site, I can only find 7.52 DWL files for fxt009, Q2686RD, Q2687RD, and SL6087. I see others on this forum who are using 7.52 for SL808x modules. Am I missing something?? Can I use one of the above 4 DWLs for the SL8080T?


Please use DWL or .exe build specified for SL808xT.

The firmware is available via Dev.Studio.
Kindly refer to procedure from another thread:

Still, 2.52 is on another repository, maybe you can try the latest version in 2.50 branch first?
Hope it helps.

I suggest wait for Sierra Wireless to actually provide a non-beta firmware for SL808xT…