RX55 won't accept templates containing reserved DHCP address assignments or Port Forwarding rules

RX55 won’t accept template with reserved IP addresses or port forwarding rules.
I have an RX55 w/ AirLink OS 3.1 that I have configured through the web page to have a server connected to the USBNet interface with a DHCP assigned IP address reserved for its particular MAC address. I’ve defined port forwarding rules to direct WAN access to port 22 and port 4443 of the gateway to the server. The configuration appears to be working. I then saved the changed settings in a template file, reverted the gateway to its factory default settings, rebooted, and then attempted to reapply the previously saved template. The template file is read but produces errors when I attempt to apply the settings in the template. It flags the rules and the host definition as errors. I presume this is because creating a host definition introduces a newly indexed element in the database. The template contains the element’s index which may not be the same as if it were generated at a different time or on a different device.

What steps should I use if I wish to apply a template which contains DHCP reserved address definitions and firewall port forwarding rules that reference the host definitions?

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There is a similar issue mentioned and fixed in the release notes for RX55 AirLink OS 4.0.

Please refer to page 4 of AirLink OS 4.0 RELEASE NOTES at the following link: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/software_reference_docs/release-notes/airlink-os-release-notes/
Also, please try upgrading to AirLink OS 4.0 to see if it resolves the issue.


Thanks for the pointers. I upgraded the RX55 to 4.0.23. I could then apply the changes to a factory reset configuration but it needed to be split into two parts. A created a template that would reserve the IP address for the server and then applied the port forwarding rules in a different template. When I tried to update both the reserved IP address and the port forwarding rules with the same template the update failed with errors when the “Save” button was clicked.