Programmatically download template from Airlink (RV50X, RV55)

What is the best way to programmatically (that is, in a way that might be automated) download an .xml template file from an Airlink device such as the RV55 or RV50X?

The only way I am aware of is through the Web GUI. I need a way that does not involve a web browser and a mouse. Some related questions and ideas follow. Please reply even if you don’t have answers to all these!

  • I am aware of the AT*TPLUPDATE command. Is there a similar command to retrieve the template from the device?
  • Is there an HTTP API to download a template?
  • Is there a method with SNMP to download a template?
  • I see AT&V in the manual, which may be an alternate way to export the currnent config. Unfortunately, it seems to crash my SSH session. Is there any insight on the use of AT&V?
  • If none of the above are available, could a service be written for the ALEOS App Framework to generate and provide access to the current config?

(Edited. I added the last 2 questions.)

Just following up. Anyone?

Hi henry.fordyce,

Currently, Sierra only provides the way to download template manually on ACEmanager.


Thank you for the reply. For what it’s worth, that gap might disqualify Airlink from some future projects I am involved in.