RV50X when downloading template cannot locate the file

I have an RV50X, when I attempt to download a template of the device’s configuration, I receive a “Status: Template Download Complete!” response but I am unable to locate the template file. I have done a search for the file name I entered for the Template, but can’t locate it on my hard drive. Any suggestions on where it is saved, is there a default directory?

Hi jtbrock,

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If you entered a Template Name. The file is saved using this name and a .xml file extension. Spaces and special characters are not supported, and, if entered, are deleted from the file name.

You can try to find it in the Downloads folder.

I appreciate your response, but I have looked in the Downloads folder as well as the C:\ Root directory, and found no .xml files. I also did a search for any .xml files created today and there were no template files of the name I entered. This was the reason I raised the question. I downloaded the template from the RV50X several times and got the “Template Download Complete” message, but am unable to find them. It would be helpful if the ACEManager would provide the path and filename of where the template is saved.

Hi jtbrock,

It could be that your browser has blocked the download file. What browser are you using to log in to ACEmanager?
You can try using a different browser (example: Firefox browser).

I use Chrome and every time that I download a template it gets blocked. It’ll show blocked on the right hand side of the address bar. If you click that then you can tell it that you want the file by clicking the filename. Edge and many other browsers might do the same thing since so many browsers are based on Chrome.