How to upgrade a template

How do I upgrade and template from one version to another without first upgrading a cell modem to the new version of the firmware and then exporting the template from the device?

This is being asked since generating a template from the device enables certain fields that I don’t want enabled. Also, reviewing the different templates takes time and could allow a user to make a mistake when changing the new template.

Hi @jason.edmonds,

Which Airlink router are you referring to?

Based on the description, I understand that you have two devices, and they have different ALEOS versions and radio module firmware.
You only want to apply the configurations from the first device to the second device without changing the ALEOS version and radio module firmware of the second device, is that correct?
If not, please provide more details.


We currently have an on premise AirLink Manager and support over 1700 RV55s and MP70s. When using AM to upgrade the devices we either have to create a new template from scratch or upgrade the device and then extract the template from the device and then edit the template so the configuration is correct.

For example: When the new template is extracted from the device it will have a service name of the device that is was extract from, and that field is disabled on the templates that are being deployed. Therefore, when a template is extracted from a device it is a manual comparison between the new and old template to make sure all the settings that need to be disabled are.

So is it possible to upgrade the template first so it can be applied to a device and then have AM automatically apply the firmware update and template during deployment?

Hi @jason.edmonds,

Are you referring to the AirLink Manager described at the following URL?
Link: AirLink / AM/AMM

If you have followed the instructions in the User Guides but encounter issues or have deep technical questions, in this case, it’s best to send an email to technical support at for further assistance.


We did figure out how to upgrade a template within AirLink Manager. It is a lengthy and manual process through a series of template exports and imports and file comparisons.