RX55 Remote Connection Over Cellular

How do I connect to my RX55 modem over cellular network? I have a static IP address associated with the device, and I have a good connection to the network. I am able to connect with the same SIM card on an RV50x modem at https://{my static ip}:9443, but this does not work on the RX55. Are there any additional settings I need to change to be able to view the RX55 modem’s web interface over cellular network?

Hi @colin.brust,

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How did you access the RX55? Please refer to ‘Configuring Web Settings’ at the following link to see if it helps:


Hi, @jerdung, I have tried accessing it a variety of ways. http://{my static ip}, https://{my static ip} both don’t work. I tried changing the https port to 9443 and https://{my static ip}:9443 doesn’t work when I do that.

Should I just be able to access it at https://{my static ip} if everything is working properly?

Thanks for your help!

Is it possible that there is some default firewall setting that is preventing me from accessing the device from outside my local network? In the terminal, running ping works, but running ping {my static ip} doesn’t.

edit: Also, I am able to ping {my static ip} from the ping utility the AirLink OS, which makes me think it is related to firewall settings.

Hi @colin.brust,

You can try creating a firewall rule to see if access is possible.
You can do as follows:

  • Go to Networking > Firewall > Firewall Rules
  • Click Create Firewall Rule and select as shown in the attached image.