AirLinkRV55 and Sutron XLink500

Hi. I have setup a broadcast (every minute) from a Sutron XLink500 datalogger over an AirLinkRV55 using the serial port. It’s working; I receive the data on my database. However, I can’t remotely connect to the XLink500 over the port 8080. I think that my port forwarding setup isn’t good. Does anyone have screenshots or hints from a similar application ? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @spprtshc ,
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Hi LemonGreen. It’s not the same application I think. My XLink500 doesn’t have any Ethernet port. I am using the DB9 serial port. My AirLink RV55 has a static IP address. I would like to access the XLink500 over the port 8080 using that static IP address of the AirLink RV55.

Thank you :slight_smile: