RV50 Port Forwarding Help

Howdy was having a little trouble using port forwarding to connect to a IP Camera.

Right now I have the RV50 set to forward the 80 port that the IP Camera uses:

I have the Camera set up as a static IP; one of my questions is what the DNS Server and Default Router should be? I have the default router as the NAT IP of the router, maybe it needs to be the default Device IP for the router (

I work with RV50s pretty much daily, but have never tried to use it in this way so aren’t super familar with the features. Happy to provide any more info as needed and I appreciate the help anyone can provide.

The camera static IP should be on the same subnet with the Local LAN of the RV50 (192.168.13.x).
The default router should be the Device IP:
About the DNS: If you just need to connect to the IP camera, then the DNS could be empty.


Hi Vianney,

Thanks for the response I’ll give this a shot a little latter today and report back!