Airlink RV50x with Hikvision Camera

I am trying to setup remote access to a Hikvision IP camera connected directly to the ethernet port, I have a static unrestricted ip address assigned. I can remotely access the acemanager but cannot get through to the camera. I have played with passthrough settings with no luck, any help is appreciated.

I have allowed port forwarding with DMZ Host enabled.

Hi @bhatfield,

1, Can you check what the firmware your RV50x are using? Is this the latest offical FW? If no, you can get it at link:

2, Are RV50X and your camera in same subnet? Can you try pinging to the camera from RV50x?


I did update the firmware to the latest build, I setup the camera to DHCP and set the RV to only issue a single ip address. I setup port forwarding and now can get to the camera but it is extremely slow.