Static Public IP Passthru RV50 VZW

Okay, maybe I have been looking at this wrong and for too long, but I just can’t seem to get this to work. I have an NVR in a vehicle for recording inside. It was working fine with a cheap little USB stick modem until VZW stopped fixing 3G signals in my area and now it barely works. The firmware doesn’t support any newer USB modems so I figured I’d install an RV50 and call it done.

I got the router able to pass the public IP from VZW to a laptop I have connected with the cat5e cable but I cannot hit ACEmanager, telnet, or any other service. I can ping the RV50, and I have set port forwarding for the NVR, HTTPS, Telnet is also enabled. Could VZW be blocking those ports??

Hi @edark,

For ACEmanager, in order for remote access you need to go to Services > ACEmanager then enable remote access using HTTPS only, note the port is 9443.
For SSH/Telnet, go to Services > AT (Telnet/SSH) then change Telnet/SSH Access Policy to LAN + WAN. You should configure SSH user/key to enhance security.

Thanks Cherokee, I have tried that and still no luck connecting, it’s like something still blocking inbound connections and I know it’s not on VZW side because I still have the same Public IP that worked before with the old modem.

Have you rebooted the RV50 after changing? Can you also check the settings for proxy in browser or your PC?

Check with Verizon and make sure you have an UNRESTRICTED public static IP. If yours is provisioned as “restricted”, then that could be the problem.