RV55 VPN route

I have a good ipsec tunnel setup and functioning to my corp firewall (10.xxx.xxx.xxx). I would like to have the RV55 wifi A access point (192.168.13.xxx) use the vpn route only for internet (url filter) and vpn traffic. AND the RV55 wifi B access point(192.168.17.xxx) no vpn access and only raw internet. Close to working due to subnet addressing, but the out of band is messing me up.
I have found that the out of band policies effect vpn and wifi (A and B). I am trying to setup wifi A as a corp tie only and wifi B as guest access to the internet.

Hi p_jilek,

Sorry that I cannot imagine what you are setting up. Could you please draw a simple network topology? And how do the out-of-band policies affect vpn and wifi?


Thanks for the reply, but I have moved on and returned the unit to the seller.