Rv55 usb connection

I am getting a com port assigned with my rv55 running the new aleos OS via a usb cable but cannot seem to gain access into the rv55 via the normal ip address, what am I doing wrong? Its not converting the COM port to a ethernet connection on win 10

Hi RonK ,

What is normal IP? ?

Have you tried accessing the ACEmanager RV55 with an ethernet cable?

What FW version RV55 are you using?
Can you ping (ethernet cable) or (USBNET)? Make sure your PC has an ethernet interface when you use a USB cable to connect the RV55 to your PC.
Could you please take a picture of your RV55 and USB cable, then share it with me?

I currently have a RV55 non wifi with FW OS 2.0 Build 44. By default the ip is for this modem, or https://airlink./ also works with an ethernet cable. But for some reason I cannot gain access via a usb cable, ive tried different cables as well, is maby not the correct ip for os 2.0?

Hi RonK ,

Are you using RV55 Airlink OS?
Open a browser window and enter https://airlink./ or . Please bypass any certificate notifications in your browser. The log in screen appears.

Please refer to AirLink OS - RV55 - Sierra Wireless for more information.

Note: The laptop’s IP should be changed to same subnet with the gateway as below