RV50 Not Responding After Attempted 4.12 Firmware Update

During the upload process of an attempted update on an RV50 modem to the 4.12 firmware, the modem, while still connected to power, abruptly shuts down. Upon re-powering the modem, there, now, is only a solid green power light and no additional lights (network, signal) illuminating with the modem not completing a successful reboot. An attempt to reset the device in recovery mode was made, with the solid green power light changing from a flashing green light to a red flashing light, but never to a flashing amber light needed to enter recovery mode. As of now, the modem is not responding at all by cycling through the different network and signal lights and there is no access to the modem or Ace Manager. Sierra Wireless Support has been notified, but the modem is out of warranty and the repair estimate was just under the price of purchasing a new RV50 modem which is not feasible. Prior on-line research has indicated others have had the same or similar issues while attempting a 4.12 firmware update, but all of the other solutions have not worked on this particular modem. Any help is appreciated to get the modem back on-line if at all possible.

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Could you help to try to set module in recovery mode again?

  • Use Ethernet cable to connect module to your PC
  • Unplug power about 2-5minutes, and then power ON module
  • On the gateway, press the Reset button for more than 20 seconds. (Release the
    button when the Power LED flashes amber.)
  • Launch browser

If it is not successful, you should return it for repair. No way to re-update FW if you don’t enter to recovery mode.


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