RV 50 Failed Firmware Upgrade

Upgrading Aleos to version 4.12.0 and it has failed. Modem now has all 4 status lights blink red twice before going off in cascading fashion from power to network in that order one by one; sequence repeats. Modem appears dead in the water; not sure what these status lights mean but doesn’t look good.

The chasing lights pattern usually indicates the RV50 is writing firmware from on-board storage into the cellular radio module and typically takes 3 minutes or so and then will finish boot-up. For example, if the radio module had a Verizon firmware image in it and you installed an AT&T SIM, then the RV50 would need to load the AT&T firmware image into the radio module.


Did you solve this? I have the exact same problem. RV50 has same blinks and will only enter Recovery Mode. I can upload new firmware but after flashing followed by reboot it returns to this state.


I did not, my system was under warranty and was replaced. Still unsure what caused the issue.