RV50 blinking amber power light

In the field, I’ve come across several rv50 modems that have been recently installed that have a fast blinking amber power light. no other lights. i’ve tried resetting, etc. So far i’ve had to replace 3 modems in the last week at different sites. Any ideas? I couldn’t find any info online. Are they just cooked or what?

We just had 5 modems returned and out of the batch I had a couple that on power up the power led was Red then went to Green but no other lights ever came on. I was able to put in a test SIM and everything works, just not the network/ signal and activity LED’s.

Hello Guys,
I have the same problem, the power LED turns red, and after 5 second the LED is blinking and loos the communication in all the ports.
Do you solve this problem?