Airlink RV50 network indicator light flashing red/amber, but has connection

Hello, I have an Airlink RV50 router and upon setting it up, it’s network indicator light flashes amber/red. The meaning of this is apparently that “Network Operator Switching is enabled, but modem cannot locate the required operator firmware”. This prompted me to look into the current firmware of the device, which was outdated. I’ve now updated the device to the latest ALEOS firmware (4.16) and have updated the radio module. The strange thing I noticed though is that the device has an EMEA radio module, but takes North American ALEOS firmware. I would think that both of the firmwares should be of the same region. Our network provider, Bell, I also read was supported by the North American firmware.
The strange thing about this all is that the modem’s behaviour seems to be absolutely normal and it is providing an internet connection fine. Other than the indicator lights, we have no other issues. We just have not seen these lights before and we want to ensure that there’s no underlying issue that could pop up later.
We have another Airlink RV50 device that is operating normally with the proper indicator lights, which I’m wanting to see the radio module and ALEOS firmware version and region of to compare.
It should also be noted that the signal strength is also not excellent where the device is and the signal indicator light is yellow.
If anyone has experienced this at all, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. According to your description, after updating to the latest firmware, the issue of the network indicator light flashing amber/red no longer occurs, is that correct?

    Which firmware is the device experiencing the network light issue running (let’s call it firmware A)?

  2. Did the device ever work correctly with the Led Behavior described in the Hardware User Guide on any previous firmware? If the device had previously been functioning correctly, but when upgraded to firmware A, an issue occurred, is it right?

  3. Currently, the device is running the latest firmware and the network light issue is not occurring. In that case, you can try updating the firmware back to firmware A to see if the issue still occurs.


Hello @jerdung , the network indicator light is still flashing amber/red after updating the ALEOS firmware to 4.16 (it was previously on 4.05 I believe). When it was on the previous firmware (4.05), it was also flashing, but it previously hadn’t been exhibiting such behaviour when using it at other locations. I was in contact with Sierra Wireless’ support and they informed me that it’s likely due to the poor reception in the area of the router (4G/LTE isn’t stable) and the fact that we only have one antenna equipped to our RV50 (Using the cellular port). The support agent said that given that we don’t have an antenna also connected to the diversity port, that it could be causing the issue. In the past we’ve never had this issue with only using an antenna with the cellular port and its important to note that we have another RV50 less than 100m away that is operating fine without this issue. For the time being, the router seems to be performing fine and is supplying a network connection, so regardless of the strange indicator light behaviour we haven’t troubleshooted further.

Hi @macwbroughton,

In the RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide, there is a note stating that two antennas are required when connecting to an LTE network.
Please refer to page 85 of the Software Configuration Guide at the following link for more information:


when network led flashing red/amber,
the mistake come from the radio module firmware.
since the last Update, in EMEA, the radio module firmware won’t install correctly:
in my mind this file is corrupted :
RV50 Radio Module Firmware for Generic Operators EU

i 've the same issue since the last update .