Rv50 Bricked

When I updated my rv50 device, the device did not turn on. I hold the reset button for it to open the recovery mode but it won’t open. The led stays on red and does not turn yellow. Is there any other way to download firmware?.
There must be a state of loading from rs232 with putty or something. Can you share these codes?

Hi mlt44,

The update may take up to 30 mins to complete. Did you wait for 30 mins during the update process?

What is state of the device after you power it on?


Thank you for your interest. I started the update and waited more than 30 minutes. I even left it untouched until morning, but it still didn’t react. So I cut the power and plugged it back in. As a result, only the power led is on. no other lights are on.

I sent it to the relevant service in our country. He told me he couldn’t solve it because it didn’t go into recovery mode. The steps he did were to hold the reset button and try to enter the recovery mode as I did. But unfortunately it was not successful.


Base on LED Behavior, it seems that your device is in standby mode.

Did you accidentally set the “Resume immediately at Voltage” too high in tab ACEmanager->Service->Power Management->Low Voltage? I think your device reset and applied this value after the firmware update had been completed.

If yes, please follow pages 519&520 in the document below to get out of standby mode:


I had set the low voltage mode to automatic. The setting of another device I have is set as seen in the picture. In general, I do not interfere with these settings, I leave the default as it is. But I will follow the steps in the file you sent. But how many voltages do I need to supply, it says 36V support. Will it come out of standby mode when I plug in 48v?

Hi mlt44,

I have seen your configuration picture and watched the video. Your device is not in standby mode so nothing to do with power supply.

So let do the last try. Please use USB cable to connect your device to the laptop. Then access ACEmanager through USBNET at and reset to factory default setting.

If your device doesn’t come back to life, please send it to the distributor. Also, provide them your previous firmware and the firmware that you updated.


Thank you very much for your interest. I plugged it into my laptop from the microusb port for usbnet, but it did not react. I downloaded and installed the usb drivers, but unfortunately it does not see it as a usb device. I sent it to the distributor, but they could not solve it, they sent it back because the revovery mode does not turn on. Is it possible to install via rs232 serial port? can we install it with putty program

Hi mlt44,

There isn’t an official way to update via RS232. There are only 2 ways to update firmware, update locally via ACEmanager and update over the air via ALMS.

I’m using the power supply with output 12V-2A and my RV50X works fine. Could you use VOM to measure the output voltage? Let say 11.5-12.5V is OK.

In case your device doesn’t react, please go to the website below for repair: