RV50 do not respond after trying to to upgrade the firmware

RV50 do not respond after trying to upgrade FW

Dear @gsmsam ,
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In order to troubleshoot your problem, could you please provide answers to the following items:

  1. Which versions that you upgrade from/to? Did you upgrade via AVMS or locally?
  2. “RV50 do not respond”, does it mean you cannot access ACEManager?
  3. Which interface of RV50 that you are trying to connect? USBNET, enthernet?
  4. Did you get a network interface in your host If RV50 is directly connected to host device via USBNET and Ethernet?



Thanks for the rapid respond

I have 2 RV50 and I wanted to upgrade. them to ver 4.15.13

I downloaded from the site the proper file and use the ACEM to upgrade

The first one was OK and he have the FW 4.15.13

The second one it was stuk in the middle and now I have one unit withoutFW.

Only the right green lite is on the others do not respond.

Please advise if I can do something



Dear @gsmsam ,
Please try referring to Recovery Mode page #18 in User guide at the following link to recover your device then recheck if the problem is resolved