[RV50] Can't install app through airvantage


I have an issue when I try to install an application to my new RV50 modems like the way I used to.
I upgraded to the latest firmware : ALEOS RV50 LWM2M (

I go to airvantage to intall my app (the same app works fine on other RV50 modems) :

airvantage 2

Then, the command stays on “in progress” statut even after the next comm.

Usually I used to go in acemanager to force a com to make it quicker but this time I have an error from the server :

I don’t know why it’s not working. I tried to factory reset, set the same firmware as my other modems ( ALEOS RV50 ( or ALEOS RV50 LWM2M (4.12.0.p31)) and apply the same template as the working modems but I still have this issue.

Can you help please ?

Best regards,

Hi dylan,

Please follow step below:

  1. On Monitor page, go to More->Edit. In Application field, select your app.
  2. Click Credentials button on the right of Application filed, enter your M3DA and MSCI password. The passwords should be matched with the one that configured on ACEmanager: Service->ALMS->AAF->M3DA Protocol Password
  3. Back to Monitor page, scroll down and find the panel named “System Application”, then click “Update application” button and find your application version.
  4. On ACEmanager: Service->ALMS->AAF, click “Connect” button to initial connection to ALMS server.


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Thank you cherokee !
That’s exactly what I needed :slight_smile: