RV50 Ace Manager will not load but can talk over SSH

I have an RV50 that was deployed and stopped communicating. We replaced the modem and I am now looking at the modem that was in the field. The modem’s light patterns look normal. I did a factory reset on the device.
I can ping but I get nothing in a web browser on port 9191 or 9443. I can however talk to the modem over SSH on ethernet at that address and it asks me for a user name and password. It responds to AT commands. It’s obviously alive but I cannot access Ace Manager. I have never seen this before. Has anyone else?

I tried to do a firmware update over AT commands but it never does it. It takes the command and, a few minutes later, it disconnects me from SSH with no message. I checked my FTP logs and it is not actually trying to connect.


Hi makangribe,

What browser are you using to log in to ACEmanager? You can try using a different browser (example: Firefox browser).
Delete the browser cookies/cache before logging into ACEmanager. (The Web browser shortcut is Control + Shift + Delete.)

I’m using Chrome. I have hundreds RV50s. The browser works fine. It’s just this one unit that Ace Manager won’t load even though it is obviously running.

Hi makangribe,

Please try plugging USB cable into RV50 and login to ACEmanager using USBNET IP: or

It’s the same behavior over USB. I loaded in recovery mode and that actually does load over ethernet but even after doing a recovery with 4.14 firmware I get the same behavior with this modem.

Hi makangribe,

You can try to enter recovery mode with the latest RV50 firmware version 4.15.
To enter Recovery mode.docx (257.3 KB)

You can get the latest RV50 firmware version 4.15 here AirLink RV50/RV50X Firmware Packages

Same behavior with 4.15.

Hi makangribe,

Please contact your distributor for support in this case.