RV50 - ALEOS 4.9.3 - Port Forwarding Issues

On the ALEOS 4.9.3 firmware, when looking at the LAN tab, under the DHCP/Addressing category the LAN address summary only shows USBNET. It is the same in the config guide. In previous ALEOS versions I could see both USBNET and Ethernet LAN summaries.

Does this mean my Ethernet LAN is disabled? If so, how do I enable it? I am trying to get some port forwarding working but it isn’t currently. My set up is:

RV50 Ethernet port to a freewave radio -> Freewave radio to another freewave radio -> IoT device plugged into the freewave radio.

The IoT device is configured for port 4000. I am trying to come into the RV50 on port 7000 and forward it to port 4000.

My IoT device is set up on I have my port forwarding set to (with port forwarding enabled at the top):

Public Start Port: 7000
Public End Port: 7000
Host IP:
Private Start Port: 4000

But nothing responds. This worked previously but I uploaded a (not known to me at the time) bad template to this device and the port forwarding was wiped out.

I’ve tried messing with the Ethernet settings. Currently I have:

Device IP:
Starting IP:
Ending IP: 192.168.150
DHCP Network Mask:
Port 1: Enable
Port Mode: WAN
Link Settings: Auto 10/1000
Accept Unsolicited Traffic: Enabled

Any ideas?

Anyone have an answer for this. We are experiencing the same issue.


You may have scrambled something with your “bad” template. Try resetting the RV50 to factory defaults and then reload your template. You can also try setting the Port Mode to Auto. Other than that, if you say it worked before, I would just double check your settings on all devices.


I see things like this a lot. If the rule is correctly written, then it is not likely an issue in the RV50. Double-check the IP configuration of your IoT device. It’s subnet mask needs to match that in the RV50 ( and it’s default gateway must point to the LAN IP address of the RV50 ( in the OP’s post).

I have the same issue too, DMZ is working fine but port forwarding is not. All IPs and subnet masks are correct.

Hi mohammad.lotfy,

Which FW are you using? Please upgrade to the latest FW RV50 and have a try again.

You can refer to the some suggestions as below:

1.Please make sure that your RV50 has public IP from your mobile service provider. You then can use https://ping.eu/port-chk/ to check that IP is really work.
2. Make sure Port filtering-Inbound and Port filtering-Outbound, Trusted IP lists are empty in ACEmanager->Security tab.
3.You can try port forwarding WAN 80 to LAN 80 with host web server. You also need check the settings for proxy in browser or your PC. You can use Wireshark tool for network troubleshooting, capture packets.
If it can connect to the web server, Port forwarding then works fine on your RV50.
4.If Port forwarding works fine with host web server on your RV50, then you need check the application, process, and firewall are running on your IoT devices.

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