RV50 - ALEOS 4.9.3 - Port Forwarding Issues


On the ALEOS 4.9.3 firmware, when looking at the LAN tab, under the DHCP/Addressing category the LAN address summary only shows USBNET. It is the same in the config guide. In previous ALEOS versions I could see both USBNET and Ethernet LAN summaries.

Does this mean my Ethernet LAN is disabled? If so, how do I enable it? I am trying to get some port forwarding working but it isn’t currently. My set up is:

RV50 Ethernet port to a freewave radio -> Freewave radio to another freewave radio -> IoT device plugged into the freewave radio.

The IoT device is configured for port 4000. I am trying to come into the RV50 on port 7000 and forward it to port 4000.

My IoT device is set up on I have my port forwarding set to (with port forwarding enabled at the top):

Public Start Port: 7000
Public End Port: 7000
Host IP:
Private Start Port: 4000

But nothing responds. This worked previously but I uploaded a (not known to me at the time) bad template to this device and the port forwarding was wiped out.

I’ve tried messing with the Ethernet settings. Currently I have:

Device IP:
Starting IP:
Ending IP: 192.168.150
DHCP Network Mask:
Port 1: Enable
Port Mode: WAN
Link Settings: Auto 10/1000
Accept Unsolicited Traffic: Enabled

Any ideas?