Port Forwarding partially working RV50

I have a RV50 that I am trying to set up port forwarding for a NI cRIO (cRIO runs real time Linux). I have setup the ports that I want to forward, but when I check with telnet on the cRIO, only some of the ports that I requested are open.

On the cRIO I have the Ethernet port I am connected to set to a static IP ( and the gateway set to the IP address of the modem ( Subnet mask is

Is there anything wrong with the way I have it setup, or is the modem not functioning properly and only forwarding some of the ports?

Here is what the modem has for software and hardware:

I did try updating the ALEOS as well as the radio firmware but was only able to update the ALEOS (and that didn’t fix the problem). When I try to update the radio firmware, I get a message saying I am trying to switch carriers (Even though I downloaded the VZW firmware). Could this be why some ports are not being forwarded?

If I left out any information that is needed please let me know.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Andrew,
The pop-up issue when updating radio firmware is known issue on version 4.13

It is not the root cause for port-forwarding.
If there are some ports can be forwarded, it means that the port-forwarding function is working.
Could you help to share which ports are not forwarded?
There are some ports that are used by RV50, so if you set up these ports for forwarding, it could be conflicted and these ports are not opened on your cRIO.



Thank you for the reply. I had not noticed the radio firmware was mentioned in the release notes! I will update that today so all the software/firmware will be up to date.

As far as ports that I am requesting to be open, here is the list that I currently have port forwarded:

And here is a list of which ones are actually open:

Port # Open? Protocal
44515 UDP
44516 TCP
44525 UDP
5353 UDP
52725 TCP
3580 T TCP
8080 TCP
80 T TCP
3079 T TCP
2343 TCP
6000-6010 UDP
59110 T TCP
3363 TCP
20 TCP
21 TCP

When I mentioned telnet in the original post I was mistaken, I am using an online port forwarding checker to see if they are open (https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/). I am checking ports using the same IP address I use to access the modem through the web (minus the 9191), which I believe is right. I work remotely so I do not have access to the cRIO display directly. I do have another cRIO that I was doing some checking with telnet on and got the two confused!

I have also double checked to make sure Port Filtering for both Inbound and Outbound are disabled, as are trusted IP’s (Inbound and Outbound) and MAC filtering.

Hi Andrew,
Please make sure that these ports are opened at the cRIO.
You can try with DMZ. If DMZ is enable, but theses ports are still closed. You should open them at cRIO.
If these port are opened when enable DMZ, but closed when enable port-forwarding, it should be the issue of port-forwarding.
So, please help to double check. We don’t have any problems with port-forwarding at our sides.
Note: In the Public Start Port field, enter the desired public network port number. Values between 1 and 65535 are supported, although Sierra Wireless recommends using a value greater than 1024.


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