Replacing Old TANGO 864-2 Modem with Airlink FX100 modem

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to ask the question .

I have TANGO 864-2 modem that was connected to a HMI software thorugh RS232 and sent SMS , from what i know it uses AT commands to communicate with the modem . Now , i connected instead of it the FX100 modem , and it refuses to send SMS . Could be that old device and does not have the same AT commands for this ?

(Sorry if this is a stupid question )
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Not really; this is the Open-AT section.

Open-AT is the framework that allows you to embed applications within the modem: … framework/

You are just using plain AT Commands.

Can you provide a link to describe what, exactly, that is :question:

What “HMI software”, exactly :question:

Again, a link would help.

Do you get any error messages :question:

The commands for sending SMS should be standard - but it’s possible that the mystery “HMI software” is relying upon other specific features of the “TANGO 864-2” …

You’re going to have to do some more investigation to find where exactly the process is failing…