AT Command for sending SMS to old mobile phones

Hi Wavecom Fastract users,

I tried to send SMS via wavecom fastract to old mobile phones, and when I opened the SMS, it was written: “Display Unavailable”. This is not the case when I send SMS to new mobile phones.

Has someone encountered this problem?

Thank you.


You need to supply more details!

How are you sending the SMS?

If you’re using PDU mode, probably the old phones just don’t have the capability to understand it…

Do the “old” phones understand SMS from the “new” phones?

I use AT Command like this:

then to send SMS,


Yes, so that’s Text mode.

What about the other question:

If they don’t, then presumably it’s a basic issue with the “old” phones;

If they do, then try sending from the “new” phones to the Fastrack, and see if you can spot any difference from what the Fastrack sends…

What are these “old” phones, exactly?