Beginner in the world of GSM modems, questions for Open AT


I want to develop the following system:
I must connect the C8051F320 microcontroller (which is on development kit C8051F32x-DK ) with the GSM modem 13006b, through one serial cable (handmade:9pins to 15pins).

The microcontroller should send data to the GSM modem using the serial cable. Then the GSM modem sends the data to a web server (which I’ve set up) trough a TCP/IP socket (using GPRS network).

It’s the first time I’m trying to use GSM modem, so it’s very difficult for me to understand what I should do.

For the moment I’m trying to familiarize with the modem. I connected my PC (Windows 7, 64bit) with the modem, I used the program hercules (3.2.3) and send AT commands to the modem. When I tried to communicate with the web server (with AT commands) I couldn’t do it. After searching internet I read that I can’t do that with AT commands (with my modem). I also read that the easiest way is to communicate with a web server through a TCP/IP socket is to use Open AT. How can I do that? I have to install anything at the modem?
Is the above system realistic? Or I should try to send SMS?

What compels you to use a microcontroller?
The key feature of Open-AT is that it allows you to embed an application within the modem - thus, potentially, obviating the need for a separate microcontroller.

Note the word “potentially”: sometimes it is not possible/practical to embed everything within the modem; sometimes a separate microcontroller is still preferable/advantageous…

I think you mean M1306B :question:

Note that this model is long obsolete and, therefore, you may have some trouble finding the appropriate tools, documentation, etc…

You can do it with AT Commands: you need to set-up the modem for Dial-Up Networking - this is a standard Winows procedure, nothing specific about the Wavecom device.

If you are going to use the microcontroller, it may be simpler to use WIPSoft - this is a ready-made Open-AT application that provides some extra AT Commands specifically for managing IP connections and sending data over IP.

Alternatively, you could write your own Open-AT application (using the WIP Library to manage the TCP/IP).

You would have to obtain an appropriate version of Open-AT development tools - as noted above, I’m not sure how you’d do that nowadays with such an old modem!

You install the application that you develop!


You could use SMS for very low data volumes - what are you actually trying to achieve?

Thanks a lot for your response… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My work with the GSM is a part of one bigger project of a wireless sensor network which is developed in my University.
In this project we collect enviromental measurements from many nodes to one specific gateway node (the microcontroller that I want to connect with the GSM modem). Until now the gateway was connected with one PC (with serial cable) and we collected the data. Now we want to connect the existing gateway (microcontroller on development kit) with the GSM modem and collect the data in distance from one web server.

I don’t really know because the label at the modem is M13006b, but in the manual writes M1306b…

Also, i cannot find the current firmware of the modem. I searched manuals and datasheets but i could not find any information for the current firmware. How can i be informed about the current firmware?

Can i run directly the WIPSoft on microcontroller (8051)? Or the WIPSoft is a software for a PC only?