GSM modem & Logger S0141

I’m planing to buy the GSM modem MP009 and S0141 - four
channel thermometer. Would be good to get information for more
understanding. Does possible configuration with this system:

  1. To get SMS message about the temperature?
  2. To get SMS message about the temperature periodically at requested
    time? For example each day at 12:00 and 18:00.
  3. To get SMS message about the temperature on SMS request, or on call
    request? For example, anybody sends the SMS to modem, the modem sending
    back SMS about the temperature.

basically, if you use OpenAT you can make wavecom modules do pretty much what you want, including using RTC, SMS emission, timer alarms, UARTs and GPIO handling, which is pretty much all you seem to need.

Could you help me, where I can found OpentAT, would be good to get an example?

Thanks in avance.

Hi GB004,

Have you tried the link in this thread?

It is not the most recent version, and seems to be only an eval version - I don’t know what that exactly means - but it should give you an idea what OpenAT can do for you.

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Contact your local Wavecom Distributor!

If you go to the Wavecom home page - - you will see a link for details of Open-AT, and a distributor locator: … tributors/

Yes I found the OpenAT, but I’m not programmer. It’s too dificult for me, does anybody has an example or could explain how to make the programm?

OpenAT comes with examples. If anyone would provide you with another one, this wouldn’t help you more than the included examples if you can’t read the code.

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If you want a device to act automatically, at some point you’ll need to program it. For now, your options are writing it in OpenAT, hire someone to write it for you, or write it on a separate CPU that would drive the modem through AT commands. Unless your volumes are going to be extremely tiny, your best bet would be to hire; for that kind of application, a student internship would probably do.

As I understood the Open AT is the module for visual studio?

Not just that. It is an SDK, including documentation and examples. Newer versions also include a non-Microsoft C-Compiler (gcc) and an IDE (Eclipse).

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Then, as already noted, you either need to hire a developer (it will almost certainly be more than just programming) or look for a ready-made, off-the-shelf solution.

What is this “S0141 - four channel thermometer” that you initially mentioned?
Have you contacted the manufacturer or supplier etc to see if they already have a suitable solution?

Where are you based? Someone who sees this might be able to undertake this work for you…
Your local Wavecom distributor may be able to recommend someone…

We are in Lithuania, our distributor, said, that they don’t have a solution for now, but they working on that and will provide the solution at the end of this year.
The logger … -s0141.pdf

This page … oggers.htm says,

And the list of Optional Accessories includes a Fastrack modem.

So, surely, COMET SYSTEM, s.r.o., must be able to tell you how to do this?!

Note that they have their own discussion forum:

Comet systems says:

yes, generally speaking you can get this SMS features with M1306. But you need to develop special OPEN AT programm (using C language) and download it to M1306. Without it M1306 is working as dummy modem only.

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Oleg Pushkarev
Brand manager

They specifically advertise this product for use over GSM:

so how do they intend that their customers should do that?

Maybe they are just talking about a dial-up data call, with the modem as just a “dumb” communication device?

Certainly, to do any automation in response to SMS messages would require processing at the remote unit - whether by an Open-AT application running within the fastrack, or a “dumb” modem and a separate microcontroller.