GSM communication. how Store SMS and trigger it from gsm


hi all experts,
I am new in AT commands and GIS , my task is to send and receive sms for a vehicle tracking software. The sms which I will receive must contain the current longitude and latitude position of the vehicle in a text file. my gsm modem is m1206 wave com .
I read on a site that SMS with all required information can be store in vehicle’s device sim card which can be triggered from the server to receive vehicle’s current position and ect.

Is this is right way to achive my task, if it is right what are the steps and commands I should follow to achive this task.

Or what is the easiest possible way to do it and also in future I have to enable voice communication on it.

Devices that I have are , M1206 wavecom modem connect to serial port of my computer and sim card.

What type of sim card i need and what are the setting required for each sim card. for gsm communication .

I have to develope an application to automate all the process of sending and receiving sms and voice.

Any sugession and guide line will be highly appreciated .



Do you intend to use this as merely a “dumb” modem, controlled entirely by AT commands from your own system, or are you intending to write an embedded Open-AT Application to run within the modem?

For Open-AT, there are a couple of examples provided that illustrate sending & receiving SMS. You could start with them.

For a “dumb” modem, it’s simply a matter of using the standard AT commands - there are loads of examples of this all over the web.

BTW: As you can see at the top of the site, the name is “Wavecom” - one word 8)


Thanks Awneil

Dear Awneil,
I am looking for dump moden, I like to know about configuration and ways to achive my task. On web site there are few at command avaliable.


The AT Commands Manual describes all the available AT Commands.
You should have received a copy with your modem - if not, consult whoever sold you the modem!

Also, GSM standard AT Commands are described in these GSM Specs:

All GSM Specs are avilable for free download here: