AT command for GSM Modem


Dear Dreinds,
I have a wavecom GSM modem, I need to send and receive SMS from my application Following is my application details.

OS: windows
application : Powerbuilder 9.0

I need an API tool to send/receive SMS from from GSM modem

Waiting for reply



you dont need api

in hyper terminal you can write


Since I don’t want to do anything manually.
My application should send SMS automatically.
Example, whenever there is a changes in the sales rate, application should send SMS to all sales team automatically as per the predefined messages and telephone number.

since I am not familiar with C++ programming, I could not able to develop a dll for my requirement.

I need a dll with parameter details to receive and send message from the GSM modem, this dll can add in my application.



Some additional useful information that also can be found in more detail in the AT-command manual:

AT+CMGW can be used to store predefined SMS in memory.
AT+CMSS can be used to send a predefined SMS from memory.
AT+CMGR can be used to read a SMS (incoming or stored)
AT+CNMI can be used to configure the indication of an incoming SMS and/or delivery status report.




Do you know if there is a AT command that can be used to send one SMS message to a number of people? (Like in e-mail it would be address1;address2;…).

Thanks in advance.


I do not know of any predefined AT command or API to do this.
But that is what the OPENAT is for you can create a new AT command to send to multiple people.
If you do not know how then I can show you
Regards Walter



No there’s no standardized AT-Command (or Wavecom specific) that can do this. Use Open AT (as Walter suggested). If you have any questions we will do our best to help you.

… and if you want to send to large number of receivers, then I suggest you to contact the network operator for a special deal and also for a better interface to send from instead from a ME.