AT command for GSM Modem

Dear Dreinds,

I have a wav GSM modem, I need to send and receive SMS from my application Following is my application details.

OS windows

application Powerbuilder 9.0

I need an API tool to send/receive SMS from from GSM modem

Waiting for reply


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Hi solo_YQ,

I don’t know if there are any API’s ready to download. I have looked quite some time and didn’t find anything - at least nothing free… But it’s not that hard to write it yourself. You just need to send some AT commands and react to some unsolicited messages. That’s all. Very simple. I did it myself for my application (pyTkTerm - it’s somewhere here in the Overview section…) and I wrote it in less time I spent searching for a solution to download… I suggest, if you haven’t got it yet: download & install pyTkTerm and then look at the sms.ptt example. There is all you need to know in order to send and receive SMS by AT commands…

Good Luck,

How much are u will to pay ?
I can provide an application that send one SMS or several SMSs from
a list of phone No. from an Excel sheet or a Database

Receive SMS process the message (e.g Query a database) send out results

Or Receive an SMS and INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE record conditionnal in a DATABASE that support SQL instructions

Limitation is the imagination

I am now working on MMS enabled quite hard

SMS has been mastered



and here’s some tutorials:

How to Send SMS Messages from a Computer / PC? … FromPC.asp

How to Receive SMS Messages Using a Computer/PC through a Mobile Phone or GSM/GPRS Modem? … singPC.asp

A commercial product: … etails.htm

Free source example:

Free Software/Tools and Libraries for Sending and Receiving SMS Messages with a Computer / PC

Here’s another:

I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t comment any further on it!

An update:

You can send SMS messages from your computer using Skype.

Skype also has an API: