Replace "Dell" MC8805 with?

Hello, want to replace the MC8805 / 7W5P6 in my Dell Latitude E7440 laptop (Dell name WWAN 5570). When the laptop was bought - it only provided 3G but looking in to this forum it SHOULD provide 4G/LTE connections.

I have tried so many different drivers now but I have given up at this state. Is the a model you can replace this one with and provide 4G? I do not mind to pay a few bucks fot it.

MC8805 is an obsolete module and did not support 4G/LTE and likewise the Dell platform too and may no longer be compatible with our latest LTE/4G cards, example:
Ultimately, you will need to contact the OEM (Dell in this case) for compatible 4G platforms or modules that specific platform may support.

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Thank you. Will look in to that one.