MC7455 dell latitude E6420XFR


I have a Dell Latitude E6420XFR with Windows 10 64 bits installed. For my work, I need to have 4G internet on this laptop. I am considering buying an MC7455. Do you think this card is compatible?

My laptop has a mini PCI-E slot on the motherboard.

Besides the 7455, do you recommend anything else?

An important note, I live in France.

Thank you.

have you checked the LTE band is available in your location?

Yes, in France, the bands used are: B1, B3, B7, B8, B28.

then the module should be OK to register network

Thank you for your response. Once the card is inserted, will Windows automatically find the drivers, or do I need to install them separately?

I don’t know, i don’t have this PC

I just realized that this card does not support band 28 (700 MHz). It’s a shame because in France we use 700 MHz for 4G.

This card is therefore not compatible. Do you know if there is a mini PCI-E card that would be compatible?

How about mc7430 or mc7421?

I just ordered an MC7455. I am new to this field, sorry for the inconvenience.

If I understand correctly, once I receive my card, I will need to mask pins 23-25 and 31-33. Once these pins are masked, I can insert the card into the internal PCI-E slot of my DELL E6420XFR, install the drivers, and then I will be able to connect to the 4G network using my SIM card.

The goal is to have internet on my laptop when I am traveling.


I installed the card in my Windows 10 PC, installed the drivers (5087), and the firmware installed is SWI9X30C_02.38.00.00. When I try to connect to the 4G network using my SIM card, it doesn’t work.

I have masked the pins: 7, 11, 13, 23, 25, 31, 33.

Can you help me?

what are the return of the followings?


Sure, here’s the translation of your message into English:

"Sorry, I am a novice. What do you mean, and what do you want me to do?

You nees to enter those command in modem port

Would you agree to show me where to do it? Maybe you would agree to help me on my PC via TeamViewer, AnyDesk…??

You can use tera term to open the modem port to enter those commands

I tried but I can’t type anything

No idea then, maybe the module is dead

The module is new and never been used.

Maybe you double check with the seller why it cannot respond to AT command in modem port