EM 8805 Drivers

Hi guys,

New here, and is it just me or is it some kind of mystery to find Drivers for all devices? Hoping someone can help me out in finding the correct drivers for an EM8805 model. Any help or links would be appreciated!


Sorry, EM8805 module has gone obsolete and no longer supported.

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Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Can you or someone guide me in the right direction here. I’m looking for a similar m2 WWAN card that would with a Dell Latitude E7250 under Verizon (CDMA) network. I can’t believe how difficult this has been for me =( . Any help is appreciated!

Verizon is retiring its CDMA network at the end of 2019 and as a result, CDMA device won’t be activated anymore either. You can ask Dell for an EM7355 or EM7455 to replace the current EM8805 to work on Verizon 4G LTE network if all you want is to connect to Verizon network.

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