DW5811e/EM7455 Modules

I need help in figuring out which legacy Dell Sierra Wireless DW5811e EM7455 EM7455 (DW5811e) LTE 4G WWAN Module Card is best for LTE-A that covers the US and Mexico, specifically TM, VZ, AT&T and Telcel.

Which Sierra Wireless M.2 LTE-A card do I need for my Dell Latitude 7490. There’s so many USA versions of the EM7455 /DW5811e modules, but I can’t seem to figure out which one I need that will work. For instance, I’ve found these different cards:


Such a simple question, but after searching for days…I either don’t understand the differences, or the differences aren’t specific to my question. Geez, just kill me now!

Hi @drc2023,

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As far as I know, each Dell laptop is compatible with a corresponding WWAN Module Card.
Have you previously used an EM7455 card on the Dell Latitude 7490, but for some reason, you want to replace it with another EM7455 card, is that correct?

For Sierra modules used with Dell laptops, the drivers from Dell should be used because they have customizations to match each product line. In this case, it would be better for you to contact Dell support for better assistance.