Reading version of WIP stack

Is it possible to get the version of the WIP stack (and other plug ins) under program control at run time?


You can make use of AT+WIPCFG=3 command to get the version of the WIP stack

at+wipcfg returns ERROR

I’m not entirely sure, but I think there are two distinct “products” here:

1. WIPSoft is an application that runs in the device, providing extra AT commands for an external application to use.
Presumably, AT+WIPCFG is one of these?

2. The WIP Library that can be linked to your own Open-AT application to run within the device.

Is that right :question:

That sounds about right.

And of course, if it is WIPSoft, AT+WIPCFG=3 to check version is only applicable if the app is running already.