Extract WIP version number,via API


I’m using the wipsoft library API. And I would like to extract the library version number, But the only way seems to be using AT+WIPCFG=3

But the Manual state that wipsoft library and AT command’s shouldn’t be used simultaneously

My question: can I with our any risk do like this:

[i]execute wip_ATCmdSubscribe
execute AT+WIPCFG=3
execute wip_ATCmdUnsubscribe


run, run run…
or is there a way to get it via the API?


If you’re using WIP via the API, the version must be known at build time.

See the WIP_PLUGIN_VERSION symbol…


the WIP_PLUGIN_VERSION is ex:510 and I’m linking with (witch of course is 510) but I would like to extract/generate the string “5.20.20”.
Any clues ?


sorry mean the string “” ofcourse