WIP AT Commands

How does one use/enable WIP AT Commands like AT+WIPCFG?

When I try to send an AT WIP command I get ERROR which indicate an incorrect syntax. I tried AT+WIPCFG?, AT+WIPCFG=?, AT+WIPCREATE=3,1,80,5,6 and all return just ERROR.

The manual WIP AT Commands user guide states the following:
“If command syntax is incorrect, the “ERROR” string is returned.”

"If command syntax is correct but transmitted with wrong parameters, the "+CME ERROR:
" or “+CMS ERROR: " strings is returned with adequate error codes”

“The WIPsoft commands used for socket/session
creation will return a “+CME ERROR: 839” error code if the feature is not enabled.”

So according to the manual I am using an incorrect syntax, please provide me with the correct syntax?

I am using a SL6087 and the WIP Plug-in package is loaded on the module.


See the following post :

I see, thanks