At+wipcfg --- error



I use “at+wipcfg=1” command but it gives only ERROR in terminal. Terminal is works fine. I checked it for AT commands.

Is there any possible way to work this command?

Thanks in Advance.

Regards - Senthil.


Use AT+CMEE=1 to get a more detailed error code.


Thanks for ur reply.

I use that command (at+CMEE) also, but it doesn’t display any error values.

Is there any idea?

Regards - Senthil.


AT+CMEE=1 just enables the extended error codes - it doesn’t give any error information itself.

Once you have enabled the extended error codes, the next time a command wants to report an error, it will give the extended +CME ERROR or +CMS ERROR reply.

Note that the setting is volatile - you have to save it with AT&W if you want it to be retained over a restart…