Raven XT - Ace Manager via internet interface - USB connexion problems


I have a parc with lots of LS300 and Raven XT, I have no trouble to connect to acemanage for my LS300 via Ethernet port and Brave or Chrome or Mozilla. But for the Raven XT it’s only by USB and it’s not working.

I use adress and I’ve tried to update USB Driver with the ones on the sierra wireless website without success (AirLink / Raven series)

We have to switch our SIM and APN and Ip Destination on those RavenXT and I’d love to update them to LX60 or better but we have almost 50 RXT and I can’t let them on the side.

Can you tell me how I can connect to them and update them ?

Thanks in advance and have a good year !

Hi @lemportes,

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  1. What version of Windows are you using to connect to Raven?
  2. Which driver have you installed for the device? USB Ethernet driver or USB serial driver?
  3. After you have installed that USB driver, do you see any ports listed in the Modems, Ports, or Network adapters sections in Device Manager? Please share screenshots of the Modems, Ports, and Network adapters sections with me.


Hi and thank you for your answer.

I have Windows 11
I’ve tried to install the USB serial driver
The install do not complete so I have no update on the Device Manager

Hi @lemportes,

Because the Raven XT has reached its End of Support (EOS), there is no Raven driver for Windows 11 on the source page.
Please try again with a lower version of Windows to see if the driver installation and connection to Raven are successful.


Thanks for your answer.

I’ve rebuilt an old PC with Windows XP Pro and it’s working fine now I can connect to the raven XT.

Can you tell me if the Raven XT is able to use a m2m APN ? With my actual configuration I have Network led fix OK / Signal Fix OK / but the link I made before via serial doesn’t work.

Hi @lemportes,

For the convenience of tracking and narrowing down the issue, please create a new topic and provide more detailed information about the issue you are facing.