log in problems

Has anyone had problems logging in to a Raven X from your computer at the office. I have been able to sign in to 20+ ravens out there and there is ONE that I can not get ahold of from the office. I know the Raven is working properly, because we have information being downloaded all day and no problems there. Just being able to connect to the IP address and bring it up to communicate. All I really need to be able to do is change our password. Yet, can not do to no IP connection. I know that next is drive out to the site and plug in and do it directly.

A misconfigured device perhaps? If remote access to ACEmanager is disabled, I think the only option you’ll have is a site visit.

We finally got our I T People to show up and found out that the USB620 is not compatible with the Proxicast unit it was to be connected to. Other adapters work, but not USB620.