Seirra Raven X cannot ping it or remote access it or add it to airventage

I have Raven X and i cannot ping it, or access it remotely, or add it to airventage. All the settings are correct, ace manager enable http and https, and it has its static public IP.
If i directly plugged my laptop i can access the inter, everything works, except those 3 things.
Any suggestion would help

The Raven X cannot be added to Airvantage as it uses an old version of ALEOS that is not supported. The Raven X also used a stand alone 32bit Windows application called AceManager to do remote configuration, I do not remember if the X ever got the webui or not. There is also a setting in the modem to either respond to ICMP or to pass to host. If you are passing to host, i.e. your laptop plugged into the modem, chances are your laptop firewall is blocking it. To be honest, the Raven Xs are 3G only modems which is being sunset very soon, your best bet and to save you alot of grief would be to purchase a newer model Airlink Gateway that is still being supported.


Thank you, this helps a lot.