Raven XT alternative


I was informed the Raven XT is no longer available and the LS300 was the direct replacement. After purchasing the LS300 I’m now aware that the modem is NOT programable like the Raven XT. So this isn’t the replacement. Can someone advise me as to which one is? I’d also like to be able to use ACE manager to program the unit.


Hi Wanasrx,

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The LS300 is actually programmable, using ALEOS Application Framework and Lua programming language.

You’ll find all you need on the Developer Zone: developer.sierrawireless.com/ALEOS_AF

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Hello Wanasrx,

In addition to what stated earlier, please be aware you can access ACE Manager and ‘configure/program’ the LS300 the same way you are used to with the Raven XT. The slight change is that instead of connecting to the serial port (which was the case for the RXT), you now need to connect to either the Ethernet port, or the USB port (please refer to the LS300 user guide)