How do I get a Raven XT out of "Passthru" mode?

Hi guys. New developer here. I’ve got an AirLink Raven XT into a state I can’t get it out of and wonder if anyone can help. It’s in “passthru” mode - the Network and Signal lights are blinking in tandem about once a second. The USB connection is in Serial Port mode. When I hook up to the computer it appears as COM10, but modem doctor wont let me SOS the modem, (says it cant communicate with the modem), AceManager says “AFTP/HTTPAccess: Unable to communicate with the specified host.
Ensure that the provided address is correct and that the host is online.” and Dial Up Networking won’t connect. I’ve tried a reset but all that does is put the modem back in to this state.
So I’m a bit stuck. Probably missing something obvious, but how can I get back to square 1 and start talking to the airlink again ?

Hi techmatt,

Sorry for the late answer. Non programmable devices like Raven are not really supported on this developer forum. However, feel free to email to if you need support.

I’ve already forwarded your message to the support team.


Topic moved to the right place (now opening)